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Established in 2004, the Canadian Hungarian Journal is a non-profit online publication, which aims to present Canadian political, cultural and social news in Hungarian, as well as publish thought-provoking opinion pieces on noteworthy events taking place in Hungary. The Canadian Hungarian Journal aims to ensure that all articles appearing in our publication represent our commitment to the principles of parliamentary democracy. The Canadian Hungarian Journal is not affiliated with any political party or movement. Registered in Canada, the Journal occasionally publishes English-language content on topics of interest to Hungarian readers. The Journal is published in Ottawa. While all articles appearing on our site reflect our core values, we invite our readers to send us their critiques, as well as opposing viewpoints. Feedback is encouraged in the form of comments or letters to the editor. It is our  hope that our commitment to democratic values reflects the diversity of the Hungarian diaspora, and provides a free, safe and open forum for this pluralism.

Editor: Christopher Adam

Contributors: Andy Boyer, Aszalós Sándor, Búzás Huba, Föld S. Péter, Gergely Beatrix, Göllner András, Hirschler Tamás, Ille István, Kerekes Sándor, Kopácsi Judith, Szücs Balázs.                                   

Contact: [email protected]

The Canadian Hungarian Journal is published by Presszo Media Inc. 

AMICUS Canadian National Catalogue Record

AMICUS No. 32215394

Title(s): Kanadai magyar hírlap (Ottawa) / Canadian Hungarian Journal

Publisher: [Ottawa : s.n.], 2004-

Description: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Feb. 11, 2004)-

Canadiana: 2006301601X

ISSN: 1710-8837


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